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No, wait! Don't do that! You'll go bibbledy! Instead you should take a well-earned rest and maybe check out my blog before continuing on your merry way. (You did get to the end of space after all). But really, don't look at the untempered space, it'll make you crazier than allowing me to to tell you about homestuck. Oh, I'm Schism by the way. As long as you're around, you should read some writing and initiate some conversations. I do hope you enjoy your stay.




do you ever have a plan for the day and suddenly it’s 4pm and you’ve achieved literally nothing 

I believe Douglas Adams and John Lloyd came up with a word for this feeling. image


i feel obligated to draw things to put in the latias tag to make it up to the people who go there looking for art and get stuff tagging me„



the SADDEST thing ever in an anime is when the most cool and collected character who always has their poker face on has a huge emotional breakdown and they let all of their emotions out and they’re just screaming and crying like there is nothing more upsetting than that do you understand