Submit was being a butt so I’ll just have to hope you see this.

For Aquaticatrocities:

Have you ever seen a harp seal?

I’ll give you a hint, it’s this little fucker right here. Do you see how adorable he is? 

Look, he’s saying, aa, don’t be sad! I love you, because I love everybody because I’m a baby seal who’s sole purpose in this world is to look cute and make people feel better and I’m okay with that, because you know what? I’m fucking good at it!

He would come and hug you himself, but internet man, what can you do? So he’ll give you a great big and wet internet-nose kiss and say he’ll be watching out for you. 

See, he’s doing it. True to his word. He also wanted you to know one more thing. His name is Harper, because he’s an adorable fucker, not a creative one. And he hopes you feel better soon.

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